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Kamikaze Orphans - Nakamura Strike Team Beta

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Kamikaze Orphans - Nakamura Strike Team Beta


Kamikaze Orphans - Nakamura Strike Team Beta

It’s one of our most popular shows. Its moderate, if not modest, budget is the cherry on top. From the very beginning, traditional funding from a wide variety of foundations supporting noble causes has been a staple of our positive image building. However, a few years in, we concluded that these funds could be employed in a much more effective manner.

The plan was, casting aside false modesty, ingenious in its simplicity. We nominated a number of foundations aiding orphanages, resocialization centers for delinquents, and all sorts of help centers for homeless orphans.

We have handily seized control of them thanks to a chain of fronts affiliated with us in no overt way. Large sums spent on parentless children’s aid have secured us beneficial PR for years to come.

Simultaneously, we have implemented a systematic indoctrination program for the underaged, coupled with intensive mental and physical training as well as classes on an array of specialized skills in the aforementioned facilities. Furthermore, we have included a partial cyber augmentation program in order to improve control levels and overall efficacy.

Within just a few years, we have received the first group of fanatical shock troopers and technicians, whose devotion to the corporation is absolute...

Excerpted from a report for the Nakamura Corporation board of directors, concerning the Kamikaze Orphans program.er copy is only 79% stable, personality coherency is at risk. The physical process of filling up the Human Interf

Box contents:
  • 4 multi-parts 32mm metal miniatures
  • 4 ID cards
  • 8 weapon and gear cards
  • 4 plastic bases

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