Black Stone Commandos (BSC) team


Black Stone Commandos (BSC) team


Rapid advances in cybernetics and robotics have brought about a fundamental shift in the approach to armed conflicts, particularly in tactics and logistics. However, it was the widespread introduction of the Human Interface that triggered a true revolution. The capabilities of cyborg soldiers for endurance, reflexes or pain tolerance far exceeded those of ordinary men. The ability to digitise the consciousness of the most accomplished experts was ground-breaking. The possibility of making a backup copy, as it were, put a new light on the questions of loss of life on missions and potential PTSD. But as life had it, theory and practice went their separate ways. The proper implementation of the Human Interfaces proved highly complicated and above all costly. It also spurred the rapid development of anti-cyborg weaponry, the most lethal of which was combat software, capable of disrupting the functions of a bionic body and, in the worst case scenario, taking total control over it. For politicians and the military loss of command of own soldiers was a nightmare turned into reality. As it turned out, an acceptable one. The benefits of the new technology simply outstripped the dangers by a large margin. That is not to say no contingency was put in place, a plan B was devised, so to speak. The Black Stone Commandos unit was to be such a contingency. A regiment-sized unit for reconnaissance, assault and counter-terrorism, it is employed wherever there is a risk of encountering cyborg soldiers. Its members are fitted with HIs, but their modifications are kept to a minimum in order to lessen the vulnerability to hacking. Thorough candidate selection, drawing on the highest Special Forces standards, harrowing training, and state-of-the-art equipment make for a further edge. The BSC work in small teams, their modus operandi being lightning fast assault aimed at catching the enemy by total surprise. They are also notable for employing hackers using sophisticated combat software. Following a number of spectacular successes, despite complete secrecy, the unit came to be a trump card in political struggle. For some they are a bargaining chip, for others, a valuable asset if expendable...

Box content:
  • 5 multi-parts metal miniatures
  • 5 ID cards
  • 11 weapon and gear cards
  • 5plastic bases

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